Welcome to the West-er Bulls' website,

I am Szilveszter Csobán, and I live in a nice family house in a small town in Hungary. Once a friend of us showed me his biggest dream, a bulldog. There is nothing more beautiful puppy in the world than a bulldog puppy, so we fell in love with this breed immediatelly.
After a few weeks, there were a little snuff-grunt furball at us too.
I bought our first bulldog called Kyra in the Summer of 2002. At that time, I didn't think at all, that this breed will impressed me so deeply, but as the days and weeks passed, we got closer and closer to each other with Kyra.

Although I love dogs since my childhood and I always had some kind of dogs, this relationship was something different than the others so far!

Than Kyra's first litter was born in 2004. Despite of the initial difficulties of breeding we decided with my wife, Klára, that we are going to breed bulldogs.

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